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How to craft HABITS that stick.

Most people struggle to do one thing for 2 weeks in a row - that's a fact. So if you are one of them you might need to adjust the way you implement your habits a bit.

What I recommend to people all the time is to not craft habits without a purpose. More accurate would be not crafting a habit with a strong why behind it that truly affects you or hinders you in achieving your goals.

A good example would be reading 10 pages a day of any book without having a goal behind it. When I am crafting such a habit there must be a certain outcome I am working towards. Examples of "WHY's" could be: Expand your knowledge in Topic XYZ. But then, of course, you should pick stuff that helps you expand your knowledge in that area.

So let's start at the beginning.

(1) Identify the stuff that bothers you.

First, let's identify what areas you wanna improve. Write down all the stuff that bothers you currently. It might be your current fitness, how you talk to yourself, or how others treat you. Maybe you hate your job (a lot of people do).

Your fitness sucks - start working out 20 minutes a day.

Other people are treating you like sht - set healthy boundaries or stay away from them.

Negative self-talk - implement mediation sessions and practice gratitude 20 minutes a day.

(2) Identify your vision of life in X amount of years.

Second, draw a picture of yourself in let's say 5 years. How do you want to live? Who do you want to be or what do you want to look like? With whom do you wanna spend your time with? Which job or business are you in?

I would say that (1) can be the reason why you are not moving the needle forward. So first remove all the obstacles and make the status quo work. Then set some goals that are connected with the vision you have for your life in X years. Which goals are necessary to get there? Which milestones could you set in between to ensure you stay on track? Is there a group of people you could join for group accountability?


(3) For each habit define the why.

Clearly define a WHY for each of the habits and read it over and over again when you feel like falling off track. You need to know what it means for your progress when you skip. Put all those WHYs in a note file or sheet that is accessible at any time anywhere. Read it when you are at risk of skipping the work.

That was a very short 3-step habit formation process. Indeed very simplified but there is no magic behind that! Crafting the habits in a sustainable way is the first step - sticking to them is another story we will talk about very soon.

Keep crushing it, my friends! 🔥 In case of questions leave a comment below - I will answer asap!

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