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Tasks or Habits? - the thing that moves the needle forward.

Let's talk about habits - one of my favorite topics as you might have noticed already. So back to real talk again and let's write in my style again. Thought I must adhere to algo style preference - let's give a f about that. Real people will value real talk (no doubt about that).

Habits vs. Task, Tasks vs. Recurring Tasks.

I think most people don't even know what the difference between tasks and habits is. A daily habit is a daily task. A daily task can be a habit too, also called a recurring task. Well honestly, I don't know what the exact difference is officially. However, for me, it's the emotional component. You could also say bro, habits are just recurring tasks.. Yeah bro I know but I am not emotionally attached to a fkn recurring task.


Recurring tasks work well for things that are easy and don't require much effort. Just stuff you gotta do every day. But what is with the hard stuff you prefer not to do although you truly starving for the goal behind? That can be done if you start seeing this thing as a habit. And I am not gonna lie - it's pretty tough to do things repeatedly, every day, for even 2 weeks.


I am 100% sure most of you have gone through the process of setting a goal (e.g. getting physically fit) at the end of the year and here we are, 3 weeks into the new year, and all plans and goals are gone because you fell off track. You probably saw going to the gym as a recurring task you just gotta do and you even felt sorry for you being required to go there.

Well, your goals might have been something like (I want to become fitter). Dude, take those goals and throw them in the basket. You need to craft goals like X% body fat, lifting x amount of weight, or doing x amount of reps for exercise y. And then, of course, track it accordingly.


As already mentioned above, recurring tasks are nothing I am attached to. Cleaning my apartment is a recurring task. I am attached to my habits since those are my non-negotiables. That's the stuff I show up for every damn day to make a difference, to get a little closer to the related goals I have set. Recurring tasks? - Might happen that those ones are skipped whenever there is no time for it. Habits? - no way - we gotta show up for them.

Make sure you develop habits that move the needle forward and don't get lost in recurring operational tasks that just keep you where you are currently.

Keep pushing my friends! We are in this together 🔥

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